• Ever wondered why productive staff leave?

  • Do you feel that your team is pulling in different directions?

  • Having a dynamic focused team is easier than you think!


Leading Dynamic Teams

The backstory of an individual or team drives action. Let's identify the factors holding the team back and find its hidden potential. Your backstory is your unique edge in the marketplace.

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Diversity Workshops

A commitment to diversity keeps a business competitive and on the leading edge.  A backstory workshop makes diversity function in the workplace.
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The past is a treasure trove of unconscious factors to drive life. Coaching shows you how turn your backstory into your unique superpower.
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Can't identify just what's going wrong? Know what's wrong but don't know how to fix it? .

Backstory works with individuals and teams to uncover the unconscious factors that drive life. Identify the things that anchor you to the past. Find the strengths for the future. Turn your backstory into your superpower. 



“Cultural Diversity training presented by the Backstory team moved theory into practice after being delivered to my senior leadership team and staff.
Through the team’s understanding, experience and excellent presentation, we have been enabled to integrate a broader thinking around cultural diversity not only into our work but also our workplace. Our new thinking, and therefore approach to cultural diversity, assists our staff in making informed decisions from a culture based perspective.
The Backstory team’s knowledge of cultural diversity combined with people and communication skills has made our journey to better understanding a smooth one.”

Lisa Dalla-Zuanna
State Manager
Salvation Army Housing (Victoria)


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