With more than 30 years as a leader across the education and not-for-profit sectors, Bron Williams is a creative communicator and certified trainer passionate about enabling others to uncover the unconscious factors that drive their lives.

A turning point for Bron was the time spent working with asylum seekers in the Australian - run offshore processing centre on Nauru, where she was confronted with her own unconscious biases arsing from her personal backstories. A keen student of life and a reflective soul, this time strengthened her commitment to help others own the past - both the easy and the difficult, embrace the present just as it is and create the future they dream of, living a fulfilled life to its fullest.

While it may be tempting to want to bury the past, Bron has discovered over the last decade - in undertaking her own journey - that as well as being a place that can keep us stuck, the past is a treasure trove of resources for the future.

As well as a fulfilled work-life Bron has a rich family experience, being mother to three adult sons all of whom are pursuing their own particular paths, mother-in-law to two wonderful young women, and grandmother to six - five girls and one boy - ranging in age from teenager to toddler.

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