Understanding your back story is critical to maximum success in both your business and personal life. Bron's approach, of not only recognizing and releasing the stories and experiences that are holding you back, but reframing them to your advantage is exceptional! Working with her has brought a new perspective to my life and business.

Jennifer Markle Dumnich USA, Life Trainer, Professional Speaker, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer


Thank you Bron, for helping me identify that allowing anxiety to take over was robbing me of one of the greatest joys of my life – the birth of my first grandchild. Anxiety about perceived danger is something very much my backstory.

And it shows up over and over in my life. But when it is playing out as a hindrance to joy and good relationships it has a destructive impact. The thing is we don't realise when it playing out because we are so caught in the feelings of the moment.

Bron helped me see this and turn the anxiety into something positive, such as enjoying the strength and courage that take us through those dangerous moments.

I am truly grateful for the burden that was lifted with Bron just helping me turn my eyes a little away from the direction they were focussed.

Tara McG., Colombo, Sri Lanka.

“Cultural Diversity training presented by the Backstory team moved theory into practice after being delivered to my senior leadership team and staff.

Through the team’s understanding, experience and excellent presentation, we have been enabled to integrate a broader thinking around cultural diversity not only into our work but also our workplace. Our new thinking, and therefore approach to cultural diversity, assists our staff in making informed decisions from a culture based perspective.

The Backstory team’s knowledge of cultural diversity combined with people and communication skills has made our journey to better understanding a smooth one.”

Lisa Dalla-Zuanna
State Manager
Salvation Army Housing (Victoria)


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