We are so looking forward to you being part of the CONNECT THE DOTS Coaching Program!

Connecting the Dots is the way we make sense of every aspect of our lives. It allows us to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of who we are and why we think and act they way we do. It is a wonderful journey!


In this 6-month Coaching Program you will:


  1. 2-day Kickstart workshop March 5-6 in Melbourne. Participants outside Australia, or who are unable to make it to Melbourne, will have this content delivered via Zoom. Talk to me and we'll arrange it.
  2. Identify Anchors -which stories are holding us back? (attachments, aversions, compulsions, inhibitions, wrong identification)
  3. Identify Sails – which stories help us move forward? (connections, courage, choices, freedom, authenticity)
  4. Rearrange the Furniture – how can we reframe/retell our stories?
  5. Write New story #1 - reframe an old story or tell a completely new one.
  6. Write New story #2 - reframe an old story or tell a completely new one
  7. Create the Future - what do you want it to be?



"I was struggling to make some changes in my personal life and professionally. I felt stuck and indecisive.

Bron and her program guided me and really supported me to understand my backstory. Through the process I was able to see my strengths, and this enabled me to make positive changes.

Thank you so much Bron for your patience, wisdom and helping me to land in a happier place."

Tracie Andrews

"Bron Williams is trustworthy and honest as she guides you through your personal ‘landmines’, and uses a gentle, yet firm manner to do so. I appreciate her as a friend, a peer/co-worker and transformational coach. I would recommend her to anyone brave enough to allow themselves to recognise the things that hold them back in life."

Rosie Eloff