Dancing on the edge

I have been thinking about the idea of being taken to the edge and what I do when I get there.

When we get taken to the edge of something – it could be in the area of finances or a significant relationship or in our health – we feel like we are looking down into an abyss of unknowing and it feels scary.

Sometimes we go to the edge of our accord when we take up a new challenge, when we do something that is completely outside our comfort zone. But, more often than not, we don’t choose to go to the edge but are propelled there by forces outside our control.

I’m at the edge in one particular area of my life – as a result of intentional choices – and, yes, the abyss seems dark. But I’m discovering that being at the edge sharpens the senses and heightens awareness.

If I look over the edge into the abyss I see things to be afraid of. However, if I stand with my back to the abyss I can see so much to be thankful for. And those things that I am now thankful for were actually edge-places not so long ago!

I had to live on the edge in these areas of my life until I stepped into the new and scary and found something deeper, greater and more wonderful than I ever anticipated.

So as I stand at this new edge, I am doing three things.

First, I am embracing the apprehension because this is an appropriate response to the new, the unknown, which could be potentially more difficult than I have known before.

The second thing I’m doing is to turn my back to the abyss and look out at the history of my life. I see the fulfilment and growth and maturity and wisdom and relationships and love and care and happiness and contentment that is my life –  a life congruent with who I am – and I rejoice.

The third thing I’m doing is learning to dance on the edge – to dance with freedom and joy knowing that I’ve been to the edge before and not only survived but thrived. I know that going to the edge means that I’m close to stepping into that new and wonderful thing.

Will you join me, dancing at the edge?


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