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My interest in films began at an early age. Saturday afternoons, Dad watched whatever movies were on TV, and as I grew older, I did too. Spread out on the lounge room floor, head on a pillow, we watched romances, comedies, war films, westerns and sci fi. As I grew older, I moved from just being intrigued by the stories movies told to having favourite actors and beginning to understand the role of the director and others in the behind-the-scenes processes. Now, as a Potential Coach, I help people understand how you can be the director of your life rather than the props.

Be the director of your life!

The director drives the movie

A film director is in control of the artistic and dramatic aspects of a film. He or she can ‘see’ what the script or screenplay is saying and guides the technical qualities of the film as well as the actors to make the vision a reality. The film director gives direction to the cast and crew and creates an overall vision through which a film eventually becomes realized, or notice[1]

Makes vision a reality.

Each person has a vision for their lives. For some, it is well-thought-out and clearly articulated. For many, it is merely a set of vague expectations that they hope may come to fruition. Regardless of whether our vision is one we see with clarity and focus, or is little more than wishful thinking, each of us has a vision for our lives.

And, each of us makes that vision a reality – either by directly pursuing what we see or by allowing circumstances to shape and modify our expectations. The first energises us and the second can leave us frustrated.

As a child, from the age of eight, I wanted to be a teacher. I followed that vision, trained as a teacher and spent many years in that profession. Even when I left that profession behind, I remained a teacher, using my skills and gifts to teach others, to impart things to others, and to help them learn.

What about you? How are you being the director of your life? What is the vision you have for you life?

Chooses the team

The director plays a key role in choosing the members of the cast, those who make up the production team and those who are responsible for the creative aspects of a film.[2]

Just as a director chooses his or her team, so we get to choose the team we have around us. While we may not be able to choose our family, we can choose which family members we allow to influence our lives and the achievement of our vision. We can definitely choose which friends we allow to impact us. Even at work, where we cannot always choose our colleagues, we can still choose which people we allow to impact us and which people we decide to have as little to do with as possible

Just as the director wants the best people to work with, those who will pull together to make the best film possible, as the director of your life it is important to be intentional about who we allow into our lives and who we allow to remain. Sometimes this means cutting off friendships or relationships – a difficult and sometimes painful process but it is essential if we are to make our life vision a reality.

For me, this has meant ending some relationships – not allowing the people who did not believe in me to have any influence in the decisions I made. The people who are now in my inner circle are those who back me, encourage me and challenge me to grow.

The props support the action

A prop, or theatrical property, is an object which is used on stage or on screen by actors It is generally anything movable or portable on a set which supports the action or story being played out.[3] Movie props are like the circumstances of life. Just as props get moved around stage, we choose what we do with our circumstances.

We can let props dictate our actions and decisions.

Many of us allow the set of circumstances of our lives to dictate the decisions we make. We make excuses such as “I’m too young”, “I’m too old”, “I don’t have enough money”. We allow all these excuses to stop us from chasing our dreams, and we blame them when things do not work out the way we would like. If it would be unheard of on a film set for the table and chairs to dictate the action or to influence the shape of the story why do we allow the circumstances of our life to dictate the actions we take and the decisions we make? Be the director of your life…not the props!

We can use props to our advantage.

Just as a table and chairs on a set may limit the action on stage so circumstances can modify the course of our lives, while some circumstances interrupt us in such a way that we are forced to take stock. For me, divorce was such a modification. It brought my life to standstill for while and it made me take a good hard look at my life. But out of this interruption, came a new way of looking at my life and a new direction.

You are the director of your life…use the props of circumstance to your advantage!

We can ignore the props and push on with our dream.

This is the option where you decide to take control, to move the props of your life around and set the action – you are the director of your life!

We have all known of people who have been seriously handicapped by physical disabilities, unforeseen events and life trauma but have yet turned these seeming setbacks into power for their lives. I think of people like Nick Vujicic who, despite being born with no arms of legs, leads a full life, inspiring others.

Director or props?

So, what are we doing with our lives? Are you being the director of your life, calling the shots, seeing the vision, picking the team? Or are you allowing the props, the circumstances of our life to dictate how our lives play out and the decision that we make?

If you would like to take the next step in being the director of your life, leave your details below and I’ll be in touch to work with you to ensure that you are the one directing the action in the movie of your life.

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