Intuitive Genius

I see women trusting their intuitive genius, knowing they have everything within them that they need to succeed.


Women’s intuition – their intuitive genius –  has long been a source of derision for men, dismissing it as untrustworthy and of no value. However, men know how to trust their gut. Aren’t they the same thing? I think so!

Innately intuitive

A woman’s ‘knowing’ is innate. She is born with this instinct. It is this instinct that enables her to sense danger and keep herself and her children safe. Her intuition is a safeguard for her well-being.

Women are also intuitive when it comes to all things spiritual or metaphysical. Church attendance is primarily female. Spirituality classes, reiki, tarot, astrology…so many spiritual areas are inhabited primarily by women.

But how many of us trust that spiritual, intuitive understanding when it comes to making decisions around business, work and career? How many of us feel that once we enter the domain of men – and that is what business and career largely is because men have set the rules over the centuries and somehow instinctively know what the rules are – that we must only think ‘logically’ and that intuition has no place?

Intuitive in business

However, I think women have an edge in business when they learn to trust their intuitive genius. Women are gifted with a particular way of looking at the world that men do not possess, that they cannot possess. And it is this instinctively female outlook that women must learn to trust. We must stop trying to be like men. Women must stop thinking that it is important that we play by the same rules – especially when the rules make no sense to us!

I believe women can forge their own place in career, workplace and business if they trust the intuitive genius they are gifted with and dare to risk acting on it.

Trusting the intuition of others over our own

I have spent so much of my life trusting the wisdom of men. My childhood, youth and much of my adult life was spent in church groups where the dominant voices were male. Here I learnt, indirectly, that my thinking was of less value. When all you hear are male voices in leadership then the implication is that women’s voices do not count. I sought out men to talk with, because I love ideas and discussing things and I naturally gravitated to men. It didn’t occur to me that other women might have something valid to say.

When I moved into a business of my own, it was predominantly male voices that gave the instruction. There was nothing wrong with the advice or guidance – in fact it helped me get myself established quite quickly. But my gut was telling me that there was another way of looking at business, one that flowed more with feminine energy than with the masculine energy I was surrounding myself with. So, I made a conscious choice to step back from that organisation, not because there was anything wrong with what was being offered but because I needed to get in touch with my own feminine intuitive genius and listen to it.

Trusting my intuitive genius

I needed to surround myself with female voices. The voices of those who were on the same entrepreneurial journey as I was. Maybe they were ahead of me. Perhaps they were fellow travellers. I may even be able to mentor them. Whatever the situation, I knew that I needed to hear these voices. And in so doing, trust and celebrate my own voice, my own intuitive genius.

When I think back to my marriage, my gut told me for many many years that something was wrong in the relationship. I couldn’t pin point what it was but there was something not right. I would instigate us going to counselling and one counsellor said that I was largely frustrated! The marriage wasn’t working, and I couldn’t fix it and my husband didn’t see there was an issue. You bet I was frustrated! When I finally left, it was only because of my gut instinct. My intuition was telling me that I could no longer stay. I had one of those ‘aha’ moments when I realised that there was no point in our marriage that I could go back to when things were good, or on a solid foundation.

There was no ‘logic’ to this understanding. Instead, there was a deep ‘knowing’ that what I now understood was true. And so, I acted in it when there was no clear evidence to show the abuse that I eventually came to see. But trusting my intuitive genius then saved me from further hurt.

Trusting your intuitive genius

When have you trusted your gut feelings and found them to be accurate?

In what situations do you find that you don’t trust your intuition?

Love you to share what you know, what you have learnt. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Likewise, if you want to explore how to tap into your intuitive genius in a deeper and more meaningful way, opt in for a 30-minute free discovery consult. I’d love to  talk with you.

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