Analytical psychologist Carl Jung posited that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur without a cause and effect relationship but, somehow, seem to be related in a meaningful way. He called this connection, synchronicity.

Another term used to describe this connection between unrelated events or ideas is resonance.  Resonance can be seen clearly when one bell starts to vibrate and will eventually ring as another on the same resonance level or wave length is struck. In the same way, ideas and events appear to resonate, or work together even though they appear to be disconnected.

It can be tempting to stay with the more familiar idea of foundations and building blocks when assessing new ideas and opportunities. It feels safe to know that something or someone new somehow ‘fits’ into our established frame of reference. We assume that it wise to reject people and opportunities that do not’.

However, we can miss out on so much by insisting that life ‘fit’ in with our preconceived ideas and structures. Part of the maturing process as human beings is to allow our foundations to become unsettled, and to learn to work with change and challenge.

Goal-setting and synchronicity

Many people set goals. They set goals to ensure that they move ahead in their life and business. The acronym SMART is given to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Setting goals in this manner ensures that a predetermined point of attainment is achieved in a set time frame. This goal-setting principle is used successfully around the globe.

However, there are people (myself included) for whom setting goals in this manner seems to be very rigid. Although we are quite capable of setting the gaols, and working towards them, the process robs us of something that is hard to name. As people, as business owners, we want to be able to move forward with less constraint than is available to us by the setting of goals. We want to embrace the changes – and challenges – that life brings while still moving ahead.

Set goals synchronically

One method that I have used successfully my whole life is the idea of working synchronically with the events and circumstances of life to continue to move forward, grow and develop. Living and working this way combines an overarching sense of purpose with a more concrete understanding of what I want to achieve. My experience has been that the purpose has been unwavering while the concrete outworking of that purpose has changed over time.

My overarching purpose has always been to be a person of influence – someone who impacts the lives of others. The shape that influence has taken has varied from life-stage to life-stage. I have been a teacher and school principal. Then I had the role of minister of religion. This was followed by work with asylum seekers and refugees. Publishing in both the academic and popular arenas has been another manifestations of this overaching purpose for my life..

My current manifestation of influence and impact is as a speaker, writer and coach.

Change, challenge and synchronicity

One of the advantages of working synchronically is that you allow both change and challenge to have space in your life.

A well-known phrase is that the only constant in life is change. If that is true, then the ability to work with and embrace change is a great strength and asset. Most of us however find it difficult to embrace change. We are creatures of habit and seek settledness and security.

Security is an illusion

However, as Helen Keller so aptly expressed it, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” If security is an illusion and change is a constant, then learning to embrace change and the challenges that it brings is one of the greatest skills we can develop for both life and business.



One way we can develop our capacity to embrace change and challenge is to live and work with synchronicity. This involves taking an organic and holistic approach to life. Life can change in an instant and if we have developed the ability to live synchronically then we able to more readily ‘go with the flow’. This does not mean that we allow life to buffet us or to drift aimlessly. What we do is to learn how to wave surf – to take the winds of change and go with them rather than resisting the changes that life brings.


The intuitive genius of synchronicity

Women call it intuition. Men call it gut instinct.

Either way, we know what it is to have a sense or feeling about a person or situation. We know too what it is like to trust that instinct, to act on it. And rarely does that intuition let us down or fail us.

I call such an instinct or intuition, intuitive genius. It is that unique part of each human being that is beyond merely knowing cognitively. Nor does it fall fully into the realm of experience. Intuitive genius sits somewhere between the two, embracing both. It resonates with both our body of knowledge and with the physical experiences we’ve had.

Such intuitive genius is developed and enhanced as we learn to trust and act on those inner promptings. This may be to actively move forward with an idea or person. It may also be to stay put, to not go, when our instinct tells us that there is potential danger.

Synchronicity in business

In business, it is important to have knowledge and to learn skills and build systems that will work. However, it is also important to listen to your gut, to trust your intuitive genius in both planning the way forward and in assessing direction.

When we allow our intuitive genius to be our guide in life and business, a whole world of “meaningful coincidences” opens up for us. Opportunities become available to us that we had not previously considered. It is easier to see the people and programs that were once trusted but are no longer providing the information or support we need. We are open to new and unexpected things and can embrace both opportunity and challenge.

Want to explore more?

If you would like to explore ways of living and working with synchronicity, leave your details below. I would love to hear what you think…do you live with synchronicity? Why? Why not?

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