Spring holds out such promise.

The grip of winter slackens. Blossoms show their faces, smiling happily at the warming sun.  New leaves edge their way out of their swollen buds. Grass begins to grow apace and lawn mowers can be heard again on weekends.

In Australia, spring begins on September 1 and, once that date hits, people look longingly at their summer clothes – at shorter sleeves and less layers. But it isn’t summer yet. There is a long way to go before that warmth is a constant reality.


Spring is a transition time. Winter is gone but summer has not yet come. And winter does not readily let go. Most spring weather is unsettled at best. One day is warm, the next cold winds plunge us back to winter’s depths. Even in the space of one day, clouds and sunshine co-exist.

That is the nature of transition.

Whether it is transitioning from one job to another, one role in the workplace to another, moving into a new relationship, moving to a new house, moving interstate or overseas – transitions are exciting but difficult times as all change brings with it a certain measure of insecurity.

So, as we transition in different aspects of life, let’s take a few lessons out of Spring’s notebook.

First, be prepared. In Spring, we always carry an umbrella for those rainy days and a coat for the sudden cold bursts. So, as we transition, find ways to stay warm and dry – have some go-to favourites for those times when the changes are too much, such as favourite activities, books, movies or food. Above all, keep in touch with friends.

Second, rejoice in the warm days – when everything is going well and life is good. Embrace them, revel in them. Explore new paths, have new experiences, make new friends. This is why you decided to make that shift, move house, find a new relationship.

And lastly, remember that Winter always comes to an end. On those days when transition is hard, when the changes seem too big, when you just can’t find your feet – remember, that Winter does not last forever, Summer is coming.


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